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I was never overly concerned about my skin, blessed with a problem-free skin, I thought I could use it thoughtlessly and that I was immune to time. Then one day I woke up and saw the damage I had allowed to happen. This set me on my NU-LA journey, namely New Light Aesthetics. The market is flooded with devices and advice, there is a plethora of skincare and one does not know where to start. I also found that we buy devices but they land in a pile at the back of our drawers, partly due to our lack of knowledge as to how to use them as we do not see results after a few uses. Are they simply gadgets or are they authentic research products that can benefit our skin? Do we need to spend our hard-earned money on expensive spas and facials and is that the only way to save and prevent the damage to our skins? Injectables and surgery are not for everyone and are often out of our economic reach. Driven by my own needs, my natural curiosity, and my training as a research scientist, I started looking at each device in detail and trying to decode the science behind it. I was pleasantly surprised,  it is not all doom and gloom, I found that equipped with the knowledge and the right equipment what is offered at spas and specialists offices can be achieved from home. The reality is that the devices are not the miracle workers, it is you, your time, persistence and above all fortified with knowledge you can create the miracles that you are looking for. 

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